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This site is a place for developers to get their hands on, and contribute to, the very early versions of the aUnit tool. Similar to how JUnit provides unit testing for Java, aUnit will provide mechanisms by which developers can test their aspects in isolation in support of Test Driven Development. To access releases, mailing lists and forums associated with the aUnit project, including instructions for accessing the CVS source tree, visit the aUnit Sourceforge project page.

The activites in developing aUnit are part concept exploration and part actual tool design and implementation. Concept exploration is necessary because the needs and desires of aspect-oriented unit testing, that is the testing of aspects themselves in isolation, is a new area. However this theoretical foundation is not useful to the community without an actual tool to be using and providing feedback upon and so the design and implementation of the aUnit tool has equal importance to these early stages of the tool's life.

The ultimate goal is for the aUnit tool to be absorbed into the AspectJ main development thread. When aUnit hits what is being stated as version 1.0's implementation goals then that will be a good candidate time for this project to migrate into AspectJ. Once that has been achieved, aUnit will be part of AspectJ and the AJDT and this web site will be retired.

Current Available aUnit Downloads

Current stable downloads of documentation and source for the aUnit tool are:

  • Very early draft of some of the concept exploration thoughts, please feel free to submit your own ideas directly to Russ Miles or to the AspectJ mailing lists.

Version 1.0 of aUnit's Objectives

The implementation goals for the aUnit tool in order for it to reach version 1.0 are:

  • Provision of the basic classes that conform to the xUnit architecture and meet the demands of the aforementioned use cases.
  • Provision of rudimentary user interfaces, based on Swing, Text, AWT and potentially SWT if deemed necessary.
  • Provision of a plug-in that supports aUnit testing within the Eclipse IDE and working alongside the existing AspectJ Developer Tools (AJDT).

The aUnit project and AspectJ thrive on your contributions and feedback. Please provide any feedback by joining the AspectJ developers and/or users mailing lists. Those lists comprise an excellent and vibrant community of developers and your questions and requests will be answered as promptly as possible.